What our patients and clients are saying….
Some of our patients wanted to share their ICON experience with you.

"Dr. Johnston - I feel very blessed to have found my way to your office. Thank you so much for listening and spending the time necessary with your patients to provide them with proper care. I am feeling better after one month, and I look forward to working with you to resolve my health issues. I only wish someone had told me about ICON a year ago, so I am passing the word on to my friends."
"Thanks to Dr. Johnston and staff, we are in much better health. Thank you for being there, and for your beliefs in holistic healing!"
"Everyone is truly amazing. Dr. Johnston-Thanks for your willingness to take time and answer questions."
"Since coming to ICON, my quality of life has improved greatly."
"I never thought I could feel so good, Lauren has helped me with my energy levels and out of wack hormones."