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Quality Supplements Are Important

I remain committed to offering SUPPLEMENTS to former ICON patients as well as my current MDVIP patients.  Many of you have been with ICON for years and witnessed the evolution of my vision of ICON. ICON WELLNESS CENTER continues to provide the highest quality supplements for those of you who have realized their benefits, whether you are my MDVIP patients or previous patients of ICON. These supplements are not available outside the supervision of a health care provider.

You value your health. By far, the most important way to improve and maintain your vitality is to be mindful and selective about what you allow in your body. It is imperative to be vigilant and critical when choosing supplementation. For the past 15 years I have dedicated untold time and resources to research the companies that maintain the highest standards for purity, quality, and consistency.   Therefore, ICON WELLNESS CENTER only offers products that I would personally recommend and that I would allow in my body.

When choosing a supplement there are several things you need to keep in mind;

Does it truly contain the ingredient/s that it claims, is it consistently the correct dosage, is it absorbed, is it in the active form, is it free of impurities? The companies that I have chosen have a long track record of integrity on all of these points. And yes, they do have FDA oversight. They welcome FDA oversight since they surpass their standards.

You can continue to purchase superior supplements through our website or in our clinic.

– John R. Johnston, MD