Announcing our 2016 Summer Group Detox

Group detox at ICON!! We will kick off our midyear detox on July 18th. If you have never experienced a detox with ICON you may have some preconceived ideas. Our science based detox allows you to eat as much food as you want because you require energy to effectively detoxify. I have been doing this detox twice a year for over 10 years. Detoxification is something that your body has to do continuously. We are exposed to toxins through our environment, household chemicals, and primarily through our food. No matter how clean my lifestyle is, I know that my body is accumulating pesticides, herbicides, organophosphates, and heavy metals. These substances are known to disrupt our hormones, impact our metabolism, influence our weight, create inflammation, and increase our risk of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Simply stated, the premise of functional medicine is to allow your body to heal by restoring the resources that you lack and by removing the substances that are impeding your health. You can optimize your body’s ability to remove harmful substances over the short course of 10 days.

There are two sides to this detox. For a short time you will remove foods that contribute to your toxic load, cause inflammation, increase the burden on your liver and kidneys, and cause your system to be more acid. You process toxins more effectively when you are less acidic. The second component is to provide you with a specially formulated hypoallergenic plant protein with ingredients that support your liver and kidneys through the phases of detoxification and help to alkalinize you.  It will also upregulate your metallothionein which is the natural substance that helps you get rid of heavy metals.

For those of you who have detoxed with us in the past the ultraclear powder has been reformulated and it is much more palatable !! There have been some substantial improvements in the quality of the formula as well. Pea protein has been added, antioxidant potential has been improved, and the ability to alkalinize has increased ..just to name a few of the changes.

I highly recommend that you consider detoxification as part of your journey to health. I could relate many stories of patients who have benefited immensely by kick starting their metabolism, calming their inflammation, and eliminating the excess fluid they were holding on to. I have seen patients reduce or eliminate medications.

You can detox as an individual – but I recommend trying the group detox that we offer in mid January and mid July.  I always kick it off by giving a short presentation on why we detox, what to expect, and the tricks that my wife and I have learned to manage it successfully. I always learn from the other participants as well. You will receive emails on a daily basis that keep you on track and help you anticipate the next step.

See you on July 18th !!! I’ll start the presentation at 6 pm here at my office for those who wish to attend.

Slainte’ !! ( to your health! )


John R. Johnston MD

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